music by Liam Gallotti

“Blossom” is the title of the site-specific work I conceived and created to paint the beating heart of Iperspazio on commission. The mural becomes an immersive experience with music by Liam Gallotti.

The work is inspired by Donna Haraway, draws inspiration from queer cultures and subcultures, and cites some of the archetypes of the tarot, which in contemporary culture is evolving from divination to a tool for personal growth.

In a society that is still a product of the Enlightenment, we are left to wonder about ‘energies’ and the enormous intrinsic potential hidden within each of us.
Music, like culture, has no gender or boundaries. An individual’s identity is built through experience and the will to evolve and change things.

Blossom prints (xilography)

The unexpected, the exception, the irregular, the indefinite, the unmanageable, the anti, never taking anything for granted, not staying within the rules, rather creating new ones suited to the3 interlocutor3 and the media exploited for a purpose closer to emotion than to academicisms. When with Mariachiara (@pozzi.mariachiara) we decided to collaborate on woodcuts, we reasoned on this concept, starting from the principle.woodcuts as well as graphics are made of rules, cages and dogmas just like the art system and those who build it. They decide what can and cannot be done, who is in and who is out, who and what conforms and who does not. This is why we decided that we would not confirm these dictates on principle, and to demonstrate that everything works just the same, indeed it acquires a new perspective, another point of view, its own uniqueness.The matrices exhibited are therefore made in the “right” direction of the drawings you see on the wall of IPERSPAZIO, but this choice produces the undesirable effect of “wrongly” orienting the printed drawing with respect to the wall they are inspired by. Each matrix returns the work reflected, all except one, which represents hope, the virus within the virus, the direction in which to look to remember that we are first and foremost human3. The total copies are the ones you see here today.

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