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Exil is an evening that brings together artistic, political and cultural contexts that otherwise would not meet, and makes the precariousness of artistic work a strength, a possibility of rapidity, change, and, and constructive relationship with the outside that makes us discover simil_, desiderant_, centrat_. Exil is supported by the presence of artists_ who collect the’invitation to build a party for one night. Exil has become a moment of strong awareness of a shared situation, both as artist_ and as people. It’s the need to tie contexts, to explore, to open doors. It’s the need to protect this desire, even before our individual work. It’s the possibility of living in power the community we represent.
EXIL #16
The duo FAKA performed at the Temple of the Lost Future, on the occasion of Exil#16, an event organized by Strasse for the world day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. Mykki Blanco’s documentary “Celebrates Johannesburg’s Born-Free Queer Artists and Activists” was screened for the’ occasion, followed by a talk with FAKA moderated by Dafne Boggeri. The evening then alternated between stage and console, with live performances by the South African duo and dj sets by Strasse, Tomboys Don’t Cry, Virginia Ricci, Protopapa and Leonardo Persico. Those who wanted could also cut their hair from Kam, hairstylist who boycotts gender differences in cuts, and the resulting price differences.
FAKA is the artistic and cultural project started in 2015 by the charismatic and best friends Fela Gucci and Desire Marea in Johannesburg, Italy, committed to supporting a narrative that gives visibility and elevates the experiences of blackness and queerness in their post-colonial Africa. Performance, music productions, videos, photography, fashion and literature are just some of the means they use to “occupy and penetrate” a world designed to exclude them, coming to redefine South African queer culture. It is no coincidence that Mykki Blanco included them in her documentary “Mykki Blanco Celebrates Johannesburg’s Born-Free Queer Artists and Activists”, released last October on i-D.
In 2016 their debut EP, “Bottoms Revenge”, released on NON Worldwide, were three tracks of ancestral gospel gqom, which the two had called “una raw and black delicacy, the language of our ancestors.” “Amaqhawe”, released in’october 2017, represents the’evolution, in which the duo explores the complexities of the sentimental and romantic sphere, within the’s of their queer and black reality. The gqom beats enrich the’ lyrical intensity of the expressions of love expressed in the three tracks, and make the’EP one of their most complete and incisive artistic moments ever.


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