17 L


Part of “BLOOM ROOM” wunderkammer made with Jacopo Miliani, curated by Maria Paola Zedda for “LE ALLEANZE DEI CORPI” festival 2023



DID STUDIO (Fabbrica del Vapore), Milano

BLOOM ROOM is a container, a place to cross and inhabit, where the installation by Jacopo Miliani Florilegio and the Queer Ecology 17_L by Dogyorke converge.

A queer utopia between cruising, perfumes, rotting and retro future, where you trample on a work in bloom and decomposition, in a reversal of the condition of presence, and be inundated by magmatic imaginaries of destruction and fertilization.

17 L
Lucido lembo lussurioso,
lungo l’iberna linea languisci liberamente,
lasciando l’essere librarsi,
lanciando livide lacrime.
Limpidi lineamenti lambiscono.
Becoming yourself is a difficult process and not at all taken for granted, for some3 then it is the prerogative for do not die. For this entire journey that takes up a lifetime, the only one what matters is knowing how to fail, doing it better and doing it again Still. Living here and now but also in the memories, learning to to be there, to cry, to give up, to give in, to love, to love each other.

17 L full video